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Privacy Policy

IICSE University programs are specifically designed for mature and adult students who want to change or advance their career. It's online-based, committed to high level of academic excellence. The University offers all her academic programs via study materials available online.

IICSE University charges a one-time Application Processing Fee of $150. Applicants who are admitted and become students are expected to pay an Exam Processing Fee of $50 per exam, to cover the cost of processing the examination. No school fee is charged. Books and lecture materials are provided free of charge to all students.  

The University is established for the benefit of those "matured" qualified applicants who cannot afford the cost of a traditional campus-based university education.

Your use of the IICSE web site signifies your acceptance of IICSE's Privacy Policy. IICSE reserves the right to modify, add or remove portions of this policy at its discretion at any time. Please check back frequently to be informed of any changes.

Misconception Notice: This is to notify the general public that our Approved Official Websites are "www.iicseuniversity.org" and "www.iicseuniversity.academia.edu"

Application Processing Fee is refundable if admission is denied.
No refunds will be granted or given for cancellation or withdrawal from the study. 

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