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IICSE University offers a broad range of on-campus and online distance learning programs, all designed to take your career to the next level. We consider your work and life experience in the admission processing. Matured candidates will complete their studies timely on FastTrack.

IICSE's degree programs are designed to help you pursue your passions and to prepare you for an intellectually rewarding career. You'll gain the confidence and credentials to lead. We take great pride in the number of students who join us from all over the world.

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Certificate Program (4 months) : Requirement: High School Certificate  
Associates Degree (18 months) : Requirement: High School Certificate
Bachelors Degree (36 months) : Requirement: High School Certificate

PostGraduate Diploma (9months): Requirement: HND/AdvDip/Bachelors
Masters Degree (12 months) :
Requirement: PGD/Bachelors or equiv.
Doctoral Degree (36 months) :
Requirement: MBA/Masters or equiv.




Faculty of Arts and Humanities

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Faculty of Sciences and Engineering Technologies

We are at the forefront of the university’s focus on developing state-of-the-art solutions... more>>


Faculty of Education

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Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences

The academic portfolio of the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences includes psychology... Read more>>


Faculty of Law

We provide opportunities for students to engage in research and advanced legal studies. Read more>>


Faculty of Management

We concentrate on management and leadership with a deep undestanding of business, and with... Read more>>


Faculty of Mass Communication and Journalism

We aim to provide outstanding undergraduate, postgraduate and professional learning... Read more>>

Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences

We offer opportunities to pursue qualifications in business fields including accounting... Read more>>

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"Thank you very much for your help, I really do appreciate what you people are doing and for giving people like us hope and opportunity to further our studies and become better people to our self, families and the society at large. Thanks."
" Thanks for your reply and I am very happy. I am now happy that at last I can still further my education and attain my dreams. I promise to be hard working, thanks and God bless IICSE University, Inc."
Most importantly, I wish to commend the efforts of your university so far in getting affiliation with reputable educational agencies. I believe that this will be achieved by God's Grace. I believe in the vision of IICSE University's founders, and that it shall stand forever.

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