Doctoral Degrees

We are known for quality education and diversity is our strength. Preparing you for the local and global community is our goal. We offer the following excellent Doctoral Degree programs. Applying for the study is easy and simple! Application processing, admission, and registration for the new academic session are currently in progress.

Upon completion of your Ph.D. program, you will have the right to use Ph.D. as a suffix after your name and you have the right to use "Dr." title as a prefix to your name.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programs:
PhD in English Language and Literature
PhD in International Relations
PhD in Philosophy (English Language and Literature)
PhD in Sociology

PhD in Accounting and Finance
PhD in Applied Statistics
PhD in Business Administration (International)
PhD in Computer Engineering
PhD in Computer Science
PhD in Economics
PhD in Education (Higher Education)
PhD in Electronic Physics
PhD in Engineering Management
PhD in Environmental Engineering (Waste Containment Remediation & Technology)
PhD in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering
PhD in Health Care Administration
PhD in Human Resource Management and Development
PhD in Information Technology
PhD in Leadership
PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
PhD in Management
PhD in Marketing
PhD in Mass Communication and Journalism
PhD in Mathematics
PhD in Nursing
PhD in Production and Operation Management
PhD in Psychology
PhD in Public Administration
PhD in Systems Engineering and Management
PhD in Telecommunication Engineering
PhD in Theology
PhD in Tourism and Hotel Management

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Programs:
DBA in International Business Administration

Doctor of Education (EdD) Program:

EdD - Doctor of Education (Higher Education)

Doctor of Theology (DTh) Program:
DTh - Doctor of Theology (Theology)

Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD):
SJD - Doctor of Juridical Science

  Duration: Three (3) years or less               
  Requirement: MSc/MA/MBA or equiv. 
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